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Location: On-line / Zoom

Dates / Times: 6 weeks; Tuesday evenings from 7:00pm until 8:30 EST, beginning January 12, 2021 and continuing through February 16, 2021.  The September-October 2020 class was a huge success. I hope that you will join us in January!

Please Note Prior to Signing Up: Emphasis is placed on real-time instruction and group discussion. Therefore it is necessary that participants attend actual classes. Classes are not recorded and there will not be make-up classes. Students must have Zoom capabilities and are responsible for their own technology set-ups.

Cost and Registration: $ 225.00/person (includes non-refundable $25 registration). PayPal and Visa only. Send me an e-mail at bradley@bradleyhendershot.com if you have any questions or to sign up for the class. I will send you an invoice via e-mail. Registration deadline is Tuesday, January 5, 2021. 

Skill Level: Advanced Beginner to Intermediate. You should have some knowledge of the basics of watercolor and you have done some watercolor painting. We will not be describing basic watercolor procedures in this class.

Overview: This class is one in a series of classes designed to work with texture techniques developed by, and used by, my father (Ray Hendershot, 1931-2019, AWS, NWS) and me, and outlined in his book “Texture Techniques for Winning Watercolors” (North Light Books, Cincinnati, 1999). As Dad said in the book, “We are all familiar with the precept ‘One of the most important things you can learn about painting is knowing when to stop.’ I submit to you that, for fear of overworking a painting, many learning artists tend to stop too soon, neglecting those extra little touches that can elevate an acceptable watercolor painting to the level of an outstanding watercolor painting.”

Give a Gift: Think outside the box and consider this class as a holiday gift for the aspiring artist in your life!


Description and Topics: Watercolor and drybrush techniques with an emphasis on texture and mood will be the focus of this workshop. Join in on the fun as we explore beyond the "accepted rules" of traditional watercolor, employing drybrush; spattering and splattering; spritzing; scratching and scraping; blotting and patting; sponging; scrubbing out; the use of opaques; and a host of other techniques aimed at enhancing your paintings. Accept the challenge of taking your watercolors one step further, elevating a good painting to a great painting.

Participants will be encouraged to think outside of the box of traditional watercolor, exploring new insights, and expanding upon preconceived ideas of what a watercolor painting should be. Our focus will not be on developing Bradley Hendershot clones, but on learning new techniques and applying them to your own ideas and inspirations, and on gaining confidence in your newly found skills. Our goal is not necessarily to complete finished paintings, but to develop skills that the artist can take with him or her and apply to their own paintings.

Interactive discussion will be encouraged, and we would like to have you all share your experiments and results with the class each week.

This class promises to be a fantastic experience, and I am looking forward to working with you all! Hope to see you on-line!

Materials: A suggested materials list and additional introductory material will be provided upon registration and payment.

Contact: Send e-mail to bradley@bradleyhendershot.com for inquiries, additional information, or to inquire about signing up. I will send you an invoice via e-mail.

The Artist: Brad grew up painting alongside his father Ray, who was his greatest inspiration. He has been painting for his entire life, mostly in the water media, and he brings a wealth of knowledge and information gained through many years of trial and error. Brad has the ability to convey the most difficult of procedures with a simple step-by-step methodology. He has an intense devotion and enthusiasm for what he does, and he will bring his energy to the class. You are bound to enjoy Brad’s personality and sense of humor, as well as his countless stories of life as an artist, both in Pennsylvania and on the remote North Atlantic island of Monhegan.

The January 2015 issue of Radius magazine states "It is clear through his work that Hendershot is a traditional realist in the Brandywine School, a style that emphasizes attention to realism, an expression of optimism, and a faith in the goodness of America. It was developed by Howard Pyle, and taught beginning in 1900 at his Howard Pyle School of Art in Chadds Ford, PA. The Brandywine School, or Brandywine Tradition, is widely recognized as a distinctly American school of illustration and art which has continued through members of the school, including the Wyeth family of artists."

Hendershot says: "I am inspired by my daily life and I paint what is familiar to me--places and things that I know well, places and things that have a special meaning to me. My painting process is very personal to me, and I paint subjects that are intimate to my life in rural Pennsylvania and on Monhegan Island, Maine. My work involves intense feelings, and I hope that my paintings are able to evoke a strong emotional response. Often, an event in my life triggers feelings that result in the mood of a painting. My paintings tell a story, and that story is my life. There is strong emotion in each piece, and I want to share that emotion."

Brad is primarily a painter of coastal Maine and rural Pennsylvania--regions that he knows well, regions that have special meaning to him.

Many of Brad’s subjects can be found close to his home and studio in Hoppenville, Marlborough Township, in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. "My Pennsylvania paintings depict the rural community and a way of life that is quickly fading into the past. Many of the timber and stone barns and mills, the houses and outbuildings, which are part of the Pennsylvania heritage, are rapidly disappearing. I’d like to feel that I am doing my part to preserve this history in my paintings." The Hendershot & Krieg Studio at Hoppenville House in Hoppenville, Pennsylvania, which he shares with his wife, artist Katharine (Katy) Krieg is open by chance or by appointment, or during one of the advertised scheduled open houses during the year.

Brad loves the sea and has been summering on Monhegan Island, Maine, for the past twenty-five years, where he and Katy run an open studio/gallery. "I try to capture the remoteness and isolation of this tiny fishing village twelve miles out to sea, which has been an artist’s colony for over 150 years." Painting on Island during the summer without the normal distractions of everyday life on the mainland allows for his full devotion to the craft. "I love the rugged shoreline of the mid-coast region and Monhegan Island where I enjoy the smell of salt air and the feeling of sea spray. I’ve always loved the sea, probably a combination of things –the boats, the energy of the surf, the rocks, the storms and the romance of it all. I hope this comes across in my paintings of the weathered clapboard lobster shanties and the granite towers of the lighthouses."

Although Brad paints with an intense devotion to realistic detail, he often employs artistic license for the sake of composition and to evoke a certain feeling or mood in the viewer. Using his creativity in the overall planning of a work, Brad emphasizes the features and details that best capture and produce the desired effect or emotion. Brad is forever continuing to learn and to grow, and he feels that each new work presents an opportunity to develop and refine his techniques.

Hendershot has earned signature artist membership in the American Society of Marine Artists (ASMA), signature professional artist status in the International Society of Marine Painters (ISMP), signature membership in the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society (PWS), and signature membership in the Philadelphia Water Color Society (PWCS). His works appear in public and private collections nationwide and around the world, including the museum and corporate collections of the Michener Museum, MBNA, Bank of Delaware, Delaware Trust, St. Luke's University Hospital, and the University of Delaware. Brad's paintings are currently issued as limited-edition giclee reproductions by Stonerow Publishing in Pennsylvania, and previously as open-edition reproductions by McGaw Graphics in Vermont and by Frames Plus in New York.

web site: www.bradleyhendershot.com
web site for reproductions and small works: www.stonerowpublishing.com (click on the Store tab)
e-mail: bradley@bradleyhendershot.com
Artist Facebook: www.facebook.com/BradleyHendershotStudios
Personal Facebook: www.facebook.com/bradley.hendershot.5
studio telephone: 215-872-2220